DNA Testing

DNA Testing – The Next Level of Finding your Slovak DEEP Ancestry

Geneatology –is defined by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Ann Tuner in Trace Your Roots with DNA as the merging of genetics with genealogy.  DNA testing  extends your genealogy search beyond what the paper trail might.

DNA testing is a latest tool in the genealogist tool box!  It is now possible to create your genetic DNA tree too. DNA tests are used to help identify genetic cousins are for genealogy purposes only.  Men and woman can participate in various testing to help unlock whether two people who match are related, but not exactly how  you are related.

Your work as a genealogist is not done!  Let us help you discover your genetic DNA cousins too!

For those interested in DNA testing, we can provide assistance to selecting the appropriate DNA test and candidates based on your researched pedigree. We can take your research to that next level by helping to locate your ancestors descendants in the villages for DNA testing overseas.

Personally associated with FamilyTreeDNA as group administrator for two geographic DNA projects focused on Slovakia, we have experience in DNA testing overseas for our own personal family history and for our customers.  FamilyTree DNA is an independent and largest commercial genealogical DNA testing company in the United States.

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We are group administrators for two geographic DNA Projects associated with FamilyTreeDNA.com  For more information about these projects please see the following links:

Spis County Slovakia Project:


Zamagurie Region Project: