SlovakGenealogy LLC first helped me locate my ancestors from Lipany, Slovakia in 1998 while I was visiting there.  Without their help communicating with residents and officials, I'm sure we would not have located as much information in the limited time we had.   Over the years I have had them photograph the town and do additional research for me.  

Margaret H. , New York


SlovakGenealogy performed excellent genealogical research on my Stercula and Bolibruch lines from the villages of Lipnica Wielka and Lipnica Mala.  They provided me with excellent photo's supporting the research along with very thorough documentation.  I will use their services for further research and highly recommend them. 

 John B., Virginia


My experiences with SlovakGenealogy have been excellent. Their research was thorough and prompt, revealing important information on my family.  They guided my son and his wife to our home village -- Janovce -- and they were extremely pleased with their help and knowledge.  

 Dr. Gerald Karaska, Worcester, Massachusets


SlovakGenealogy, LLC has been a godsend in the pursuit of my family history.  Several years ago I hit the brick wall with my great-great grandfather, who lived in eastern Slovakia in the early nineteenth century. I had his death record but could not find his birth record, despite having searched for years. When I turned to SlovakGenealogy, they turned to their great knowledge, experience, foreign language skills and, most importantly, tenacity to the task.  They located his baptism record in a musty parish church in the border region between Slovakia and Poland (apparently watched suspiciously by the local priest, who had no idea why anyone would be interested!).  It was an extraordinary find, one that was inconceivable without such hard work on the ground.  I cannot recommend SlovakGenealogy, LLC highly enough.

Attested by: Lise M. 2012. Villages:   Buglovce, Dominovce, Spišská Nová Ves, Hagy Slovakia and Maniowy, Poland.


SlovakGenealogy has been researching my Male and Female ancestors from Poland and Slovakia for about 5 years. The researcher’s drive and ability amazes me. Once they get an idea of information needed to research,  all of her effort in obtaining whatever, and from wherever possible is tried. They have been able to obtain information (such as dates and locations and family) for both my Maternal and Paternal lines reaching back to the mid-1700's with documentation to support each findings. I cannot offer enough praise for the work   done for me in the past.  I have no hesitancy in recommending SlovakGenealogy to anyone who desires to have 'one of the best' obtain their ancestry for them.   I am planning to have SlovakGenealogy, LLC continue research for me in the future.    

Attested by:  Stan B., 2013, Villages:  Porinin and Murzasichle, Galicia; Frydman and  Durstyn, Poland.